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Gary Owen is the pen name for a former military officer/current civilian development worker in Afghanistan. Main dish is Afghanistan with a lot of bacon on the side.

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Theres a cloud of misunderstanding surrounding the use of tear gas in ferguson 1408557712 article
Vice News

Yes, Tear Gas Being Used in Ferguson Is Banned in Warfare — But Not in War Zones | VICE News

Much has been made of the fact that international accords outlaw the use of tear gas in war — but it's more complex than that....

Us afghanistan 1442605337 article
Vice News

The Islamic State Is Making America's Breakup With Afghanistan Awfully Messy | VICE News

Drastic increases in airstrikes and the unusual roles being played by senior US Army generals signal how poorly the US believes the war in Afghanistan is going....

Rahm emanuels gun of the month club 1402071294 article
Vice News

Rahm Emanuel's Gun-of-the-Month Club Is Not Going to Help Chicago | VICE News

New gun-control legislation from Chicago's mayor is attempting to address a crisis — the fact that he could lose the next election....

Vice News

Phantom Troops, Taliban Fighting, and Wasted Money — It's ...

Phantom Troops, Taliban Fighting, and Wasted Money ...

Vice News

Afghanistan and Iran Get Cozier — Which Is Good News for the US ...

Afghanistan and Iran Get Cozier — Which Is Good New...

Vice News

The Real Reason the US Military Was So Secretive About Afghanistan

The Real Reason the US Military Was So Secretive Ab...

A gang rape in afghanistan exploited for political theater 1410814926 article
Vice News

A Gang Rape in Afghanistan Is Exploited for Political Theater | VICE News

An Afghan appeals court upheld death sentences today for five men convicted of brutal gang rapes. But the trials had little to do with justice for the victims....

Why obamas loophole extension of the us combat role in afghanistan is no surprise 1416669010 article
Vice News

Obama's Secret Extension of the US Role in Afghanistan Should Come as No Surprise | VICE News

Obama's classified order to extend the role of the US military in Afghanistan in 2015 puts in motion plans that American commanders have been hinting at for the last few months....

Gary owen afghanistan 1401291841 article
Vice News

A Warlord, a Drug Smuggler, and a Killer: Meet the Men Poised to Rule Afghanistan | VICE News

The vacuum left by America's departure from Afghanistan is going to be filled by criminals with whom the US has made uneasy alliances....

Why the islamic state makes afghanistan deadlines meaningless 1409495671 article
Vice News

The Islamic State in Iraq Is Altering US Plans for Withdrawal From Afghanistan | VICE News

The chaotic state of post-intervention Iraq is leading the US to rethink its withdrawal strategy in vulnerable Afghanistan....

Afghanistan never really banned night raids in the first place 1416863229 article
Vice News

Afghanistan Never Really Banned Night Raids in the First Place | VICE News

Contrary to a recent report that the Afghan government was lifting a ban on night raids, there was actually no ban, partial or otherwise, put into place by Hamid Karzai....

Gary owen afgh 1406563230 article
Vice News

US Aims for Afghanistan Elections Are a Whole Lot Different Than They Used to Be | VICE News

If the US-brokered deal to resolve the Afghan election impasse works, it could give Afghans exactly what they want — less US influence....

Bowe bergdahl the 2016 election and the closing of guantanamo bay 1401980362 article
Vice News

Why Bowe Bergdahl's Release Means Guantanamo Bay Is Closing | VICE News

The prisoner exchange that brought Bowe Bergdahl home was a major step toward Obama finally making good on his pledge to close Gitmo....

Hero original 1396402375 article
Vice News

Afghanistan's Once and Future King | VICE News

President Hamid Karzai will leave office after voters choose a new president this Saturday. But that doesn't mean he'll relinquish power....

Why afghanistan is like the color changing dress and also in a lot of trouble 1425666518 article
Vice News

Why Afghanistan Is Like the Color-Changing Dress (And Also In a Lot of Trouble) | VICE News

Recent reports have suggested there are plunging troop numbers in the army, an apparent rise in the prevalence of private armies, and a lack of accountability for abuses....